Huie VirtualRef

What is Huie VirtualRef?

Huie VirtualRef, an extension of traditional library reference service, is a Chat Reference service, which allows patrons to quickly and conveniently ask questions of librarians and other reference staff. This service is provided for Henderson State University students, faculty, and staff. Students enrolled in Henderson's off-campus or online courses are encouraged to use Huie VirtualRef. Other users are welcome to use the service for questions that deal specifically with the university or the library and its collections.

Using Huie VirtualRef

The Huie VirtualRef chat box will be visible during Huie VirtualRef operating hours on the left hand side of most library web pages and even is some databases, including all EBSCOhost databases.

Huie VirtualRef To use Huie VirtualRef to chat with a librarian, simply start typing your question in the lower text box and then hit ENTER to send your message. You will see our responses and the chat history in the larger text box in the Huie VirtualRef area. If you experience any problems, try Refreshing the webpage and resending your message.

Also, there are three icon buttons above the lower text box that allow you to do the following:

  • Send File Send a File to the Operator.
    Use this button to send a file to us.
  • Email Transcript Send Chat History in an Email.
    Use this button after finishing your chat to email yourself a transcript of the conversation, if you would like to keep and save the information from the chat.
  • Open Chat in New Window Open Chat in New Window.
    Use this button to open the chat in a new window. This will allow you to visit multiple web pages without breaking off the chat conversation.

Again, if you ever have any trouble with the Huie VirtualRef chat box, please try Refreshing the webpage and resending your message.

More Information

For more information regarding Huie VirtualRef, please visits the following pages:
Huie VirtualRef Chat Hours
Huie VirtualRef Policy