Guidelines for Acceptance of Gift Materials

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General Guidelines

Huie Library welcomes donations of books and information in other formats that enhance the Library's ability to support the teaching and research missions of Henderson State University.

    • Gifts are accepted with the understanding and agreement that the Library makes all necessary decisions as to retention, use, discard, and sale in the Huie Library Book Sale.
    • A list that includes Title, Author, and Date of publication can be prepared by the donor for the librarians to check for duplicates already in the collection before items are brought to the Library.
    • For the Huie collection, there is interest in new, high quality, scholarly books and items in other formats. Items generally not needed include magazines and journals, newspapers, or anything in poor physical condition.

CONTACT: Please contact David Sesser, Collections Librarian, at 870-230-5318, if you are considering donating materials for the Huie Library collection.

Appraisal and Acknowledgement

Staff of the Huie Library cannot provide appraisal of value of books or other materials. Written acknowledgement can be provided upon request by the donor.

Delivery and Pickup

Delivery and pickup must be discussed with the Collections Librarian at 870-230-5318 or with his designate in his absence. Campus pickup may be available but must be negotiated beforehand. Pickup is not offered beyond the HSU campus.

Monetary Gifts

Huie Library gratefully accepts monetary gifts for use in building the collection or other purposes. Please contact Lea Ann Alexander at 870-230-5305, if you are considering making a monetary gift to the Library.

Updated: 09/17/2012
Last Reviewed: 09/17/2012