Printing Policy

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Students may print to a black and white laser printer from any student computer terminal. The library uses a print management software to manage student printing balance.

Student Balances

A balance of 500 pages is added to each student account per semester: Fall, Spring, Summer. Students may also save 50% on print jobs by choosing to print on both sides of the paper and help reduce paper use (Please note that duplex printing is only available on the printers on the 1st and 2nd floor of the library). 

Additional Prints

Students may purchase additional prints at the Circulation Desk for $0.05 per page. Please note, the library does not have a debit machine. 

Color Printing

Color Printing is available at the Reference Desk for $0.50 a page. Students will need to bring their file(s) to the Reference Desk on a flash drive and will need to pay in cash.

Photographs must be formatted and contained to one document prior to printing request.


There are a few restrictions or limits on student accounts that may automatically cancel a print job. These restrictions include:

  • Students may print up to 50 pages at a time. Divide larger jobs into 50 page or less increments.
  • Students may print up to 30 copies of a document at a time.
  • Students must wait 30 seconds between print commands in order to prevent inadvertent double prints

These allowances or restrictions only apply at Huie Library.

Community Printing

Community patrons may print from the four community terminals. Black and white print cost $0.05 per page and may be paid for and picked up at the Circulation Desk. Community patrons may also purchase color prints for $0.50 by bringing their prepared files on a flash drive to the Reference Desk.

Adopted: 05/09/2012
Updated: 08/25/2016
Last Reviewed: 08/25/2016