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May 27 - June 2, 2014

Insurance & Liability Collection

Insurance Protection of assets is a concern from the individual property owner to the multinational corporation, and Gale's Insurance & Liability Collection connects researchers with this industry's latest information. The Insurance & Liability Collection, comprised of over 20 journals, takes a broad view of this multimillion dollar industry, covering such topics as labor relations, mortgage banking, legal issues, and more.

Insurance Risk and Liability Liability Insurance

Gale's Access My LibraryInsurance & Liability Collection Mobile Gale now offers mobile access to its databases, including Insurance & Liability Collection through its AccessMyLibrary College Apps for Apple and Android devices. For more information, please see the Gale section on our Mobile Resources page.

Check out Insurance & Liability Collection today by following the "Databases" link on any Huie Library webpage.

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