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February 4 - 10, 2013

SocINDEX with Full Text

Sociology SocINDEX with Full Text is one of the world's most comprehensive sociology research databases, containing over 2 million records with full text access to over 850 journals, over 800 books, and thousands of conference papers and with coverage back to 1895. Use SocINDEX with Full Text to research sociology, social psychology, gender studies, social development, criminology, political sociology, religion, sociological theory, demography, social work, marriage & family, and more!

Society Sociology Cultures

EBSCO App SocINDEX with Full Text MobileAccess SocINDEX with Full Text on your mobile device through both a mobile website and mobile Apps! For more information, please see the EBSCO section of our Mobile Resources webpage.

Check out EBSCO's SocINDEX with Full Text today by following the "Databases" link on any Huie Library webpage.

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