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Quick Start Guide

Setting up your account.

  1. Visit while on campus.
  2. Make sure it says "Henderson State University" above the login section.
  3. Click the "Sign Up for a New Account" link.
  4. Follow the directions, fill out the required information, and then click "Create Account".
  5. After creating your account, you will be emailed useful information about RefWorks, including our Group Code which you may need for accessing your RefWorks account from off campus.
  6. For information regarding setting or customizing your account so you can edit electronic resources as you import them, see our Electronic Resources Import Customization page.

Importing your citations into your RefWorks account.

  1. Search for articles and other sources in our databases.
  2. Select your desired citations within our databases.
  3. Look for the export function within the database. This varies but will usually be worded as "Export" or "Direct export to RefWorks".
  4. Log into your RefWorks account when prompted.
  5. The RefWorks Import screen with the number of successfully imported citations should then be displayed.
  6. Click the "View Last Imported Folder" to enter your account and view the citations that were just imported.

Organizing your citations: Creating folders.

  1. Click on the "New Folder" button.
  2. Name your new folder.
  3. Click the "Create" button.
  4. Tip: You may want to create folders for particular classes or assignments. For example: "PSY4733", "World Civ", or "English B Paper 1".

Organizing your citations: Moving citations to folders.

  1. Select the citations that you want to move.
  2. Hover over the Add to Folder Icon (Add to Folder) icon and choose the destination folder from your list of folders.
  3. Tip: Move your citations out of the "Last Imported" folder into a personal folder that you created right after you import them, so you do not lose track of them.

Creating a bibliography with the sources that you used.

  1. While in your RefWorks account, navigate to the folder that holds the citations that you want to use.
  2. If you only want to use some of the citations in the folder, select the ones that you want in the bibliography.
  3. Click the "Create Bibliography" button.
  4. Choose the Output Style from the dropdown list. For example: APA 6th, MLA 7th, or Chicago 16th Edition.
  5. Choose the References to Include by selecting either "Selected" or "All in List".
  6. Choose the File Type that you would like the bibliography in. Most people use either Word for Windows or HTML.
  7. Click the Create Bibliography button.

Printable version of this guide