Serpent Handlers of Southern Appalachia

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This archive currently consists of 184 DVDs of 400+ hours documenting the contemporary serpent handlers of Southern Appalachia, with extensive footage of entire services of the major Jesus Name serpent handling churches of Appalachia over many years. Also included in some DVDs are personal narratives and descriptions of various personal experiences such as witnessing fatal bites, being divinely healed, ingesting poison (a Mark 16 sign), and experiencing the anointing. The archives consist of several series to aid interested scholars and researchers.

This collection is available for use in the Special Collections of Huie Library, and is copyrighted. Some restrictions apply. No portion of this collection can be copied without the written permission of Dr. Ralph W. Hood, Jr. and Dr. W. Paul Williamson. Please contact one of the Technical Services Librarians or call the Huie Library (870) 230-5292 for more information.

Serpent Handling DVDs

  • The Berea, KY Series
  • The Middlesboro, Ky, Series
  • The Calhoun , GA, Series
  • The Sand Mountain, AL, Series
  • The Del-Rio, TN, Series
  • The Wade Church Series
  • The Jolo, WV, Series
  • The Funeral Series
  • The Kingston, GA, Series
  • The Serpent Handling Interview Series