Henderson Foundation Announces Davis Alumni Scholarship

The Henderson Foundation is excited to announce the John and Melissa Davis Alumni Scholarship, a new $50,000 endowment for junior and senior students majoring in the liberal arts.
The endowment is made possible by a generous gift from Melissa and the late John Davis, two 1972 graduates of Henderson State University.

Melissa and John had strong ties to the theatre department—spending many hours both onstage and backstage. John earned a BSE in English/philosophy and was the editor of the first Proscenium literary magazine. Melissa earned a BA in history/library science. Influential professors were Dr. Bill Gentry, Bob Greene, John Barton and James Durham.

"We are grateful for this amazing new scholarship endowment, which will support students studying liberal arts for decades to come," Tina Hall, interim executive director of Henderson Foundation, said. "Melissa and John spent their careers teaching young people to think critically, and this gift is a lasting legacy to their life's work."

For information about Henderson Foundation, please visit https://www.hsu.edu/foundation.